Infographic: The Overwatch Voice Actors!

We’ve created an Infographic with all 28 Overwatch Voice Actors. It’s an interactive page with stats for Overwatch fans and links to the voice actors twitter pages. You can also listen to a sample of each character! All 28 Overwatch Heroes and their Voice Actors

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How to Choose the Best Voice for On Hold Marketing

attractive business woman on hold

An on-hold message marks the first interaction between a potential customer and your business. Most callers usually have specific expectations in regards to what they will hear when they call your company. Therefore, having the right on-hold voice can help you make the perfect first impression! Selecting a good voice to represent your company requires…

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Why do some Voice Actors charge more?

Why do some voice actors charge more?

A question we get frequently from customers and even some voice actors. The simple answer – you pay for experience. Can a voice really change that much with experience? YES! And we can prove it. We reached out to our international community of voice actors and Kavesan Pillay was kind enough to demonstrate how much…

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101 Top Voice Over Websites

101 voice over websites

We list 101 top voice over websites, to get more voice over work. Sweet! At Voquent we love voice over work of all types and in addition to ourselves there are many different voice over websites that you might consider sending your recordings to. Yes, we offer a unique way for voice actors to broadcast…

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Sales and Marketing discussion for voice actors

Sales and Marketing advice for voice actors

Reposted from our Facebook Group. Join in the discussion here: Sales and Marketing basics for voice actors Our Facebook group is a place to talk about ways YOU can get more voice over work.   We don’t mind if P2P websites, other voice over agencies, groups or services are discussed there. We honestly just want…

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Closed Facebook Group

Voquent facebook group for voice talent

We’ve created a closed Voquent Voices Facebook group and invite all registered voices to join! An international voice talent forum to share ideas, discuss issues and news. Click the link below to take part and join the conversation. Voquent Voices Facebook group · 2 members   Join Group   A closed forum for registered…

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Voice Over Showreels for Twitter and Instagram posts

Turn a voice over showreel into video for Instagram or Twitter

We’re having fun turning voice over showreels into video – for use on Instagram and Twitter posts! It’s a fantastic way to reach a bigger audience and share your voice demos with your followers. Tweets with video generate 9 x more engagement than basic text updates. It’s definitely worth spending some time converting your voice…

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