Inventing Authority: The Art of the Documentary Voice Over

The core quality of a documentary voice over is authority. The voice over aims to convey truthful information while creating a mood which enhances the images on the screen. There are many ways to achieve authority in a documentary voice over. We’ve spoken elsewhere on this site about Bill Nichols’s six categories of documentary voice…

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What is a ‘Good’ Voice for Education? The Answer May Surprise You.

Student using a learning app

Education voice overs: Smashing the stereotypes Most voice over research is keyed to advertising. It’s all about finding the best voice for a short, snappy communication. But what if your product makes heavier demands on the listeners’ attention? What if you need voice over which will establish a relationship, not just nudge a consumer into…

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3 Tips for Choosing the Best Explainer Voice Over

3 tips to choosing best Explainer voice over

Clearly the purpose of an Explainer video is to communicate an idea or concept with your audience, in a way that’s both memorable and engaging. What you say (the script) and how you say it (the voice) will determine the appeal and success of the Explainer. So, choosing the right voice over narrator is one…

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4 Steps to Casting the Best Voice Actor for your Character

Claire Redfield

It doesn’t matter if you’re producing an Indy game, a AAA Console title or a TV Animation. Voice Acting is a critical audio component that could make or break the whole production. The voice of your character should bring it to life and you want to find the best voice talent available for your budget…

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Infographic: The Overwatch Voice Actors!

Soldier 76

We’ve created an Infographic with all 28 Overwatch Voice Actors. It’s an interactive page with stats for Overwatch fans and links to the voice actors twitter pages. You can also listen to a sample of each character! All 28 Overwatch Heroes and their Voice Actors

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How to Choose the Best Voice for On Hold Marketing

attractive business woman on hold

An on-hold message marks the first interaction between a potential customer and your business. Most callers usually have specific expectations in regards to what they will hear when they call your company. Therefore, having the right on-hold voice can help you make the perfect first impression! Selecting a good voice to represent your company requires…

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Why do some Voice Actors charge more?

Why do some voice actors charge more?

A question we get frequently from customers and even some voice actors. The simple answer – you pay for experience. Can a voice really change that much with experience? YES! And we can prove it. We reached out to our international community of voice actors and Kavesan Pillay was kind enough to demonstrate how much…

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