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Each voice sample is in one distinct style. No more plodding through showreels with irrelevant material! We provide high quality samples from reliable talent, available at short notice.
To hire a voice-over, shortlist the voices you like and contact us to check pricing and availability. We’ll also provide personal recommendations on request.

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Who are the best male voice-over artists?

Defining ‘the best’ will always be a subjective exercise. The best voice-over for what exactly? You may prefer the sound of someone older, a specific style such as an audiobook narrator, or the dulcet tones of a ‘Scottish’ accent. Perhaps you will base your decision on the accolades or awards the voice artist has received. Or a specific project they’ve worked on, such as a Disney animation. ‘They must be the best because they were in Toy Story’.

We work with hundreds of male voice-over artists every month and our definition of ‘best’ is quite simple:

They did a great job, the client was delighted, and they were easy to work with.

And with that in mind, here is a selection of 8 popular English-speaking male voice-over artists we consider among the best in the business:


Voquent - Voice Actor #6349


Glasgow, United Kingdom

With over two decades experience as a voice-over artist he can work with or without a strong regional accent and mimic many different voices to produce different characters and dialect styles. From young, lively adult with a hard-sell style to elderly sounding.



Voquent - Voice Actor #13947


Rio Rancho, United State...

An experienced musician, he has a deep, bassy voice and can speak in both a general American or a heavy Texan accent.



Voquent - Voice Actor #18528


Seattle, United States

An R&B Singer, voice, stage and film actor as well as a writer, performer and storyteller with a background in musical theatre, dramatic theatre and improv.



Voquent - Voice Actor #46162


Wichita, United States

A full-time voice-over artist, Anthony has honed his ability to authentically deliver his performance in an assuring authority.



A Portuguese Radio & TV presenter, journalist and voice-over artist with decades of experience voicing commercials and documentary.



Voquent - Voice Actor #7001


Bristol, United Kingdom

His voice is heard by millions of people everyday as the promo-voice of FOX Networks’ movie related channels throughout the Middle East.



A Spanish voice-over artist with decades of experience narrating B2B and commercial projects.



Voquent - Voice Actor #75274


London, United Kingdom

Now a full-time voice-over artist, he was previously a BBC presenter and reporter and a classically trained actor.


How to choose a male voice-over artist?

Whether you’re casting a male voice-over artist for a video game character, explainer video, a documentary or more, there are three common steps involved in choosing the best voice talent and to get the performance recorded professionally.

Step 1 – Casting

Casting the best male voice-over artist for your project is about finding a voice with a combination of the following:

  • the best vocal characteristics for the role
  • within budget
  • available in your timescale
  • able to record at the location required

It’s quite common to seek help with casting. Even for a seemingly straight-forward corporate video project, the logistics of working all of this out with a selection of voices can be extremely time consuming. Therefore, many customers will choose to work with a voice-over agency (like us) who will do this work on their behalf, providing recommendations based on the project brief.
Here at Voquent, we encourage you first to shortlist voices you like and contact us for pricing and availability. Our team is always available to provide recommendations for your project. Contact our team now.

Step 2 – Recording

Many of the best male voice-over artists don’t have professional home recording studios. They may be actors or comedians for example and are only doing voice-over work as a side hustle to supplement their income. We work with anyone who has access to a professional studio. Depending on your requirements, the voice-over recording will either be scheduled:

  • at the voice-over artist’s home studio
  • a local studio partner we’ve selected
  • a studio of your choosing, convenient for you and the voice talent

Once a recording location is agreed and if you’re participating in the session, you’ll be provided with the studio address or dial in details (if you’re attending remotely) and the start time.
If the audio needs to be synced with visuals or animations this can also determine how the recording is done. For example, a video game character being voiced with strict time constraints or a corporate training film being dubbed in another language.

Read more about the post-production of audio

Step 3 – Post-production & delivery

Unless you’re taking away a raw session file, it’s usual for there to be some audio post-production work scheduled to clean up the audio (de-breath, removing unwanted noises etc.) and then chop it up into the desired number of audio files. This is normally scheduled straight after the session, but if there is a lot of audio it could take longer. Common delivery formats include .mp3 or .wav, but we can also put the audio back onto a video, embed in a presentation or encode in more unusual audio formats e.g. for telephony or electronics.

How do you become a voice-over artist?

Unless you already use your voice frequently in a professional capacity, to become a sought-after male voice-over artist, you will first need to get expert vocal training,
Choose a vocal coach locally or get coaching online. With daily practice and criticism, you’ll strengthen your voice and improve your performance.

The next step is to show-off!

Record your voice at a professional studio reading a variety of material including commercials, corporate B2B communications, narrations and characters. Choose scripts that give you the opportunity to read in a diverse range of styles and tones. This is critical. Without these sample recordings, you won’t be taken seriously.
Next, you need to ideally build a home studio or alternatively locate a good quality (affordable) studio local to you. Build up your experience. Consider getting gigs via general freelance websites and when you’re ready sign up to Voquent and other non-exclusive agencies.

Read more about becoming a professional voice-over artist.

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