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How to Hire a Scriptwriter for Voice-Over

March 17, 2021

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How to Hire a Scriptwriter for Voice-Over

Adding professional voice-over to video content is important for all sorts of projects.

Video allows small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and huge brands alike to connect with people worldwide. A video is a vital communication and selling tool for all businesses.

So, knowing how to hire a scriptwriter to perfectly deliver your message is ever more crucial.

Outwith the realms of business, younger generations are now looking to YouTube as their new age television, meaning there is a demand to improve YouTube video production quality. Professional voice-over is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many YouTube channels because the demand for higher fidelity productions is soaring. Quality is what matters.

For some content creators, professionally planning every video may prove challenging and time-consuming. Especially true for individual creators looking to scale their content output. At a minimum, scripting a voice-over will keep the message on track and if you’re not confident writing the script yourself, you can hire a scriptwriter to help.

Here are some tips on what to look for in a scriptwriter and how to hire a scriptwriter to write professional voice-over copy.


Why should I hire a scriptwriter?

Writer holding finished script

Deciding to hire a scriptwriter could be one of the most important commitments that you make. While writing is a skill that anyone can develop, genuine creativity goes a little bit deeper. The questioning of what creativity is and how to evolve it further is hotly debated in sociological and neurological academia. Is creativity innate to individuals? Or is creativity a skill that one can hone?

These are questions that thinkers have asked since telling their first stories. Without straying too far into psychology and philosophy, we need to ask and briefly consider these questions. These particular questions are intrinsic to why you should even consider a scriptwriter for your content in the first place.

I think creativity is down to an individual’s perception. Seeing something from a new angle can help that person create something original or develop something new from inspiration. While I am no psychologist, I believe for this very reason that creativity varies from one person to the next. It is not that one person is more creative than another. But instead, that one person may be creative in a distinct way from another. Some types of creativity are hugely beneficial to the scriptwriting process.

Creativity is a crucial component. Some individuals have a type of imagination that makes them excellent at telling stories, and scriptwriting is a method to tell a story.

In this sense, hiring a scriptwriter is about hiring someone that can best tell your story for your video. It is a hugely subjective and personal decision. You should hire one for their perspective and their capability to tell a story individually.

That is not to say your way is not as good. But instead that, on occasion, a different perspective and distinctly telling your voice-over script’s story is what can elevate a video. It is just like hiring a financial advisor for a professional view of your accounts. Hiring a scriptwriter for their differing perspective on the creative process will set it apart. Their creativity and viewpoint can help develop your voice-over scripts in ways that may not be considered in the same way by yourself or your colleagues.

Where can I hire a scriptwriter?

find scriptwriter

There are many ways that you can hire a scriptwriter for your project. Most scriptwriters will work in the scriptwriting industry as a part-time gig. Thus, the most common and direct ways people hire a scriptwriter are through freelancing sites. From my personal experience, most freelance scriptwriters will scout for work in many different places online. There are always places you can find a scriptwriter for your specific needs.

The first primary method that you can use to find a scriptwriter would be to use freelancing websites. Most of these sites are criticised for their race to the bottom type mentality with their pay rates. Despite that, there are lots of scriptwriters touting for work. When I worked as a scriptwriting freelancer, I scouted for gigs that suited my skillsets. 

It’s worthwhile to post a job on a few of these freelancer websites as you can find some high-quality writers. Posting your project job on these sites will guarantee that scriptwriters will see it. Remember, though, all of these sites will charge freelancers a percentage of the total project cost. In recent years freelancers have started increasing their fees to compensate for this loss in revenue. That is something to keep in mind.

Some popular sites you can use to find a scriptwriter are People per Hour, Upwork, Guru, and Fiverr. Most freelancers will use a mix of these sites or all of them, but some tend to focus all their efforts on one site. With that in mind, it may be worth your while to post the job on several websites to find the right scriptwriter for you.

Other Places to Look

Social Media icons

Other places you can look for a scriptwriter out with these freelancing websites is social media. While this method may require a bit more effort, many higher-quality scriptwriters will have their websites and run their online businesses. They will rarely be on freelancing sites. Use hashtags on Twitter and LinkedIn to canvas for writers in your niche. Participating in niche subreddits is also an excellent way to network with writers.

A list of terms and places you could search:

  • Using, searching, or posting with the #writingservices. #freelancewriter, #freelancers, #jobs, #hiring, #writingcommunity hashtags on Twitter.
  • Searching LinkedIn for the terms: ‘writing services’ ‘scriptwriter’ ‘freelance writer’ ‘creative writing services’ and talent scouting from the ‘People’ results filter
  • Browsing or posting on the subreddits: r/forhire, r/freelancewriters, r/freelance, r/jobbit, r/jobopenings, r/workonline

Before working for Voquent, I was a freelancer, and I can confirm from my own experiences that all three of those avenues have generated work for me in the past. With that understanding, if you go searching on these social media sites or using those terms, you will find the perfect scriptwriter for your voice-over project.

In Summary

Determining to hire a scriptwriter is not an easy decision for everybody. There isn’t the same amount of fictional narrative construction in most voice-over projects as other creative projects. 

For voice-over projects, using a professional scriptwriter should be about how best to convey the message. It should be about the story of your video or brand. It doesn’t matter if it is a corporate internal use video, brand promotional video, or a YouTube documentary. The uses of a voice-over scriptwriter are many, even if they may prove to be a niche.

As a final say on the subject, I think that the decision to hire a scriptwriter is hugely down to your individual needs. For some people, learning a basic form of the process themselves is how they can best serve the voice-over’s purpose. 

I hope this article has helped to shine a light on the process and if you were on the fence about hiring a scriptwriter for your project, I hope this resource has helped you make a decision.

There is no right or wrong way to get a scriptwriter, only choosing how you want your story told. 


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