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How To Edit Audio into Separate clips using a Phone

May 21, 2018

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How To Edit Audio into Separate clips using a Phone

Get your samples Voquent ready!

With the no compliation/showreel rule at Voquent, we know some of you are scratching your heads about how to edit your show reel into seperate clips.


Don’t panic – it’s actually really easy!

And you don’t need to be a sound engineer or technical know-it-all.

Whilst we recommend using professional tools such as Audacity (it’s free) or Adobe Audition for PC or MAC, the same results can be achieved using freely available mobile apps too.


A guide and videos for both iPhone and Android users is below.


iPhone users

  • Download the Hokusai Audio Editor
  • Email the showreel audio to yourself. We’ve used Gmail (see clip below)
  • Download the audio and open with the Hokusai app. Here’s how:


The Hokusai app is simple and fun to use.

You can chop up the showreel audio into separate clips and save the audio as wavs.

Then use an online converter to change the audio file from wav to mp3 format.

And that’s it. You’re ready to upload the samples to your profile page.


This video shows how simple it is to get started:



Android users

    • Download the Audio MP3 Editor from the Play store.
    • Email the showreel demo to yourself using Gmail or similar.
    • Download the showreel audio to your phone. Here’s how:



The Audio MP3 Editor is super simple to use, but the ads are a bit annoying – sorry, it will be worth it!

We’ve made this short video to show how to use the app to edit a clip from your showreel and save as mp3:


Of course if all of this still looks too complicated, please get in touch with the Voquent team and we will edit the samples for you.

Email: [email protected] for a quote.