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At Voquent we’re all about finding professional voice-over artists quickly. Most online casting sites don’t check if the voice talent can perform under direction or if they have a good quality home studio. We do. Every sample is individually approved by our dedicated moderation team. This means you will always hear samples of the highest quality.

Furthermore, each demo sample is in one distinct style and tone. We don’t allow showreels with a mixture of reads. It takes too long to find what you want.

To book a voice-over artist, listen to samples and shortlist those you like. Then contact us to check pricing and availability. We’ll also provide personal recommendations on request.

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Who are the best female voice-over artists?

Who decides what’s best anyways? More often than not, ‘best’ is down to personal preference or the brief of a specific project or character role. You may prefer a more mature female narrator, the Welsh accent, or possibly a high-pitched comedic style. Perhaps the awards or industry recognition they’ve received is important. Or the projects they’ve worked on, such as the next Nintendo video-game.

Each month we work with hundreds of female voice-over artists and our description of what is ‘best’ is characterised by the following:

They did a good job, the client was happy, and they were great to work with.

So, with that firmly in mind, here is a selection of 8 popular English-speaking female voice-over artists at the top of their game and that exemplify the best in the industry:


Voquent - Voice Actor #61642


Upton Pyne, United Kingd...

As both an experienced voice-over artist and a professional actress, her authentic, genuine sound and ability to bring a script to life has attracted big brands like Tui and Natwest.



A spoken word poet and voice-over artist based in Nigeria. She regularly records for international brands looking for an English voice with a subtle African accent.



Voquent - Voice Actor #18847


London, United Kingdom

Born to a French mother and an English father, she is an expert multi-lingual voice-over artist and vocal coach.



A Kenyan British-Educated Voice-Over Artist, living in the tropics of East Africa, who regularly voices characters for video-games and animations and narrates corporate & commercial projects.



Voquent - Voice Actor #



Country FlagMore information


Experienced jingle and commercial singer and the worldwide brand voice-over artist for the Barbie Fashionistas 2019 campaign.



A popular choice for youthful, playful and conversational voice-over, she has narrated lots of commercials, explainers and eLearning projects.



A full-time voice-over artist with a naturally warm and intelligent tone that suits everything from commercials to meditation and sleep apps.



Experienced behind the mic as both a singer and voice-over talent, her savvy mom voice is both popular and relatable.

How to choose a female voice-over artist?

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to find a female voice-over artist for a telephone IVRmuseum audio guide, commercial, or other style of project, there is a linear path to picking the best voice talent and getting the audio produced professionally.

Step 1 – Casting

Choosing the best female voice-over artist for your project is not just about liking their voice. There may be other important considerations, including:

  • are they within your budget?
  • are they available when you need them?
  • can they record with live direction?
  • can they sight read?

For these reasons, it’s not uncommon to seek the help of a voice-over agency (like Voquent) to help you with these and other requirements you may not have thought of that are pertinent to your specific project needs. We can also offer recommendations based on our experience of how the talent perform under direction. Contact our team now.

First, we suggest listening to as many female voice-over artists as you can, right here on Voquent. Shortlist the voices that you love and then get in touch for an instant quote.

Step 2 – Recording

Some of the most experienced female voice-over artists don’t have their own home studio and therefore can’t be found on most online voice-over casting sites. To book these voices it’s usual to go via their agent, but here on Voquent we partner with other agencies and studios worldwide so you can access these voices. We’ll always advise you if a voice has a home studio or not (their sample card will have a house icon) and plan how you want the recording to be scheduled. The options are:

  • at the voice-over artist’s home recording studio
  • at a local studio we or the talent agent has selected
  • or at a studio of your own

When the recording location is agreed, you’ll be provided with all the necessary details, whether you are attending in person, directing remotely or just leaving it to us.

If we’re recording time-sync to video or lip-sync to an animated character, this can also influence the choice of studio, because ADR can require more technical equipment than some smaller studios do not necessarily have.

Step 3 – Post-production & delivery

In a one-hour recording session, you may only record 15-20 mins of usable audio. Audio post-production involves cleaning and editing the audio to a final state. It takes about 1 hour per 10 mins of audio to properly edit out the pops, clicks, mouth noises etc. This work will often be booked directly after the session, but may not always be completed by the recording engineer. Whether you need the audio mixed with music and added to a video explainer, or edited into thousands of individual files for a video game dialogue – this is the stage it will be done.

Learn more about audio post-production

How do you become a voice-over artist?

Whether you want to do voice-over work as a side hustle or go all in, becoming a professional female voice-over artist can take many years of practice.

If you are already a trained vocalist, you’ve got a head start. Your daily regime of vocal exercises will have made your voice strong – critical for arduous recording sessions. If you’ve had no formal vocal training, this is your first step. Seek out a coach. Invest in your voice. After months of practice you should be ready to get your first voice-over showreel produced.

There are many companies specialising in showreel production services, but the investment can seem huge for a novice.

If you’re serious about a career in voice-over you need to view the showreel as your primary marketing tool. The investment will be worth it. Your showreel will be listened to by casting agents and producers alongside voices who’ve been working in the industry for longer, and may have invested thousands in their reel.

If it’s a commercial project you may also be asked to audition the script, but to get your foot in the door you need high quality material which demonstrates your vocal skills and versatility.

There are plenty of free resources online to download example scripts. You can even use these to write your own scripts. Book yourself into a studio or come to an agency like Voquent and we’ll help you to record a commercial or character reel, and cut them into individual samples for Voquent.

Next: get out there! Canvass companies that need a voice like yours. Networking takes time but it is arguably more important than having the best voice in the world. As you build your network, also invest in a home studio or locate a good and reasonably priced local studio. Then when you’re ready, sign up to Voquent and other non-exclusive agencies.

Read more about becoming a professional voice-over artist

Read more about building a home studio, starting with the microphone

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