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Japanese Dubbing Services

Meet the needs of an outstanding market in Japan with unbeatable Japanese dubbing services.

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Globalisation and modern technologies have created a world where national borders are constantly crossed. Market-leading Japanese dubbing services allow you to stretch to the East and acquire a brand new market.

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About Japanese Dubbing Services

Accessing Japanese marketplaces has never been a better decision. The highly tech-savvy economy of Japan can open all kinds of avenues for engagement for established or new products to be reworked to match. Incredible Japanese dubbing services take dialogue replacement to the next level to craft a tailor-made experience, unique for this outstanding audience.

Many audiences are disinterested in subtitles and would overlook a project that only offers them. A fantastic complementary sidecar is Japanese dubbing - a passive way to let audiences in this country enjoy content without the requirement to read, which puts many viewers off.

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We will analyse the initial visual and audio content so we can accurately provide a timeframe and quote for the Japanese dubbing project. 

Authentic and talented speakers will then record the new Japanese dubbing audio for your project. 

We then clean up any imperfections in the audio before applying the new dub to the original visual content.

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Discover the benefits of quality Japanese dubbing.

Media in Japan is unique and quite unlike the preferences that audiences typically have around the world. It's not an easy task to simply access this market, not without care and attention given to the way in which a product is altered. Japanese dubbing is about more than just language replacement, the tone, emotion, expression, and timings must precisely match what is in the original version to ensure that the spirit of the project is carried over in the new version. 

Japanese localization is all about reworking the script to make sense in this new language, as some words, phrases, and ideas may not have one-to-one Japanese equivalents when changed from English. 

Why Voquent?

Countless organisations offer Japanese dubbing services, but few offer the same quality in the result as Voquent. We are experts in global languages and accents, with a massive directory of professional speakers to choose from to adeptly transform any project for any markets.

Such expertise being an absolute requirement drives up costs for most organisations, making Japanese dubbing services infeasible for smaller businesses. Fortunately, we have built partnerships with artists and studios around the world so Japanese dubbing services benefit from our established network - keeping costs fair and affordable. Companies like Voquent offer the most adept alterations, with minimal mistakes - so reach out today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are English shows dubbed in Japanese?

Countless shows have an amplified reach thanks to the proliferation of the internet and interconnectivity. With the ability to connect with global, international audiences it makes tremendous sense to make use of Japanese dubbing services to perfectly rework dialogue and audio for potential viewers in Japan.

English audio with Japanese subs can be great for some audiences, but others are disinterested in reading text while they watch, it can even be uncomfortable for some. Enhanced accessibility can be achieved by Japanese dubbing for a more sophisticated suite of functionality that allows viewers to watch shows, their way.

Do any Japanese people like dubs?

Absolutely! Anime dubbed in English may not interest Japanese audiences, but countless films and video content are originally made with English audio and then transformed to match Japanese audiences.
Some audiences always prefer dubbed content in their own language. Japanese dubbing services will appeal to this subset of viewer demographic as they exist in Japan - ignoring this market will surely damage your ability to connect with the entirety of this group.

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