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German Dubbing Services

Demanding German audiences expect high-quality and our German dubbing services deliver.

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Want to increase media views exponentially and grow a rabid fanbase? Our expert German dubbing services and talented local speakers will help you achieve it. German dubbing will further increase viewership throughout Europe and internationally. Browse Voquent’s database of professional talent and find the perfect voice for your project today.  

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About German Dubbing Services

German dubbing services will boost your European outreach. 95 million people speak German in European countries including Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein as a first language. German is also a co-first language in Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg so the use of German dubbing will allow your project to be understood and enjoyed in various parts of Europe. 

Get German dubbing right. The internet is full of bad dubbing examples, incorrect script translations, phrases that can’t be adapted accurately, poor performances, non-native voices, and ill-timed audio syncing. Without professional high-quality German dubbing services, your content will be sure to include some of these disasters. 

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Our team will examine your project and put together a quote for the German dubbing services that will perfectly adapt your content.

We get started on transitioning your project into German dubbing with our elite team of actors, ready for a new demographic.

Then we mix the audio back into the project and ensure that it is seamlessly woven into the fabric of the content, matching the original version's quality, delivered in any file format.

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Reach for international viewership. German is the second most spoken language in Europe and the language has a huge potential for increasing the size of your project’s audience. Outside of Europe, around 7.5 million more people speak German as part of smaller German-speaking minorities internationally, including 1.4 million in the USA and 800,000 in Russia. 

Voquent’s German dubbing service not only provides your content with incredible voice performances from talented native speakers, but allows you to browse, listen to and shortlist talent before recording. We know that finding the right voice is important and our extensive database includes local speakers with first-hand experience in all languages and accents worldwide, so you can grow your audience anywhere. 

Why Voquent?

Rely on Voquent for more. From perfectly translating your script, to casting the right voice, then syncing the new audio with exact precision.

We handle each stage of the German dubbing process necessary in finding more viewers internationally. Start browsing voices today to propel your content to each corner of the globe and reach out to our friendly team for a quick quote. 

Voquent brings a quality service. All the talented speakers that work with us are vetted and approved by the team, so professional quality can be assured. Finding the perfect voice for your project is easy with filter options.

Browse the database of voice demos and select the tone, vocal characteristics, and gender that you need easily, for a smooth casting process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a German dub?

German dubbing is the process of re-recording a German version of the audio in a project which was previously recorded in another language. This new audio can then be understood in German-speaking countries and will therefore expand on the original audience size to find new viewers.

What are the benefits of German dubbing?

As well as increasing viewership, German dubbing comes with many other benefits. Script translation allows for censorship changes, hearing content in local languages increases engagement, and German dubbing is the preferred option over subtitles.

How much does German dubbing cost?

This question can’t be answered without context. The cost of German dubbing depends on various factors including the amount that talent charges which will vary depending on experience.

The length and medium of a project as well as the services required will also affect the price of German dubbing. Reaching out for a quote is the best method to acquire an accurate price for your needs.

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