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French Dubbing Services - Voquent

French Dubbing Services

Engage French-speaking audiences with our pro French dubbing services.

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Localise your content today to reach new audiences worldwide with exceptional French dubbing services and professional voice performances. Partner with Voquent for flawless translation and smooth casting for the perfect speaker in your project.

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About French Dubbing Services

French is the 5th most spoken language in the world and the 2nd most spoken language in the European Union. French dubbing is therefore an incredible way to target European markets whilst also allowing your content to be understood in other locations worldwide. This includes Africa which makes up 70% of French speakers globally. 

Expand your audience. In the era of streaming platforms, more and more people are watching foreign content. Not localising your projects to be understood in other languages such as with French dubbing will reduce your potential viewership and profits alike. Sites like Netflix have picked up on this and now stream each piece of content in around 30 languages, allowing the globe to enjoy without the hassle of subtitles.

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To supply an accurate quote and turnaround time, we will review the original project. 

The authentic talent you have chosen will then record the French dubbing after the script has been accurately translated. 

After fixing any imperfections in the quality of the audio, we will perfectly sync the French dub with your original visual project. 

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High-quality French dubbing will increase views internationally

Boost global outreach with professional French dubbing services for your content. French dubbing is particularly popular for streaming sites and it can expand audiences beyond France itself. Around 141 million people in Africa speak French as a first or second language and now Netflix is hoping to double their African subscribers. Disney+ is also expected to launch in Africa in 2022 to capitalise on this market.

A better understanding of your content and international appeal are just some of French dubbing’s benefits. The list continues with an ease in censorship as this can be changed in the script during translation, authenticity and relatability in hearing local voices, and improved engagement generally as well as for those who have visual impairments comparatively to content with subtitles. 

Why Voquent?

French dubbing only requires one extra step in the production process, without having to create new content to expand international presence. Our French dubbing service will help you translate the script, cast local authentic speakers, and implement the new French dub into your content with a perfect sync. 

For the best French dubbing results, you need exceptional talent. Voquent has a database of professional speakers in more than 1,750 accents and languages worldwide. Narrowing down your search is made easy with our filter system. Browse talent by vocal characteristics, tone, and gender to find the perfect comedic voice for your character, the best pace for your audiobook or the most authoritative sound for B2B projects

Frequently Asked Questions

What is French dubbing?

French dubbing is when content and media producers re-record their original script in French to appeal to the market in France and layer this recording over the original visuals of their project to create an audibly tailored version rather than using subtitles

How to make a French dub

The French dubbing process consists of these steps: Translate the script from its original language to the French language, hire authentic French voice actors, record the dialogue, seamlessly implement the dialogue into your project with a perfect time sync. 

What are the benefits of French dubbing?

Dubbing creates improved audience engagement as opposed to subtitling in content. French dubbing will allow your project to be both understood and enjoyed without effort for audiences across the globe, in France, Africa, Canada and more. 

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