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English Dubbing Services

Sky-rocket international outreach with an exceptional English dubbing company.

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The English-speaking market is vast. With high-quality English dubbing, your content will be understood and enjoyed internationally. Voquent offers talented actors, easy casting, pro studios and a smooth English dubbing process.

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About English Dubbing Services

1.5 billion people speak English worldwide. Whilst English is the 3rd most used first language and is far and away the most common second language globally. This gives the potential outreach of content that has been localised using an English dubbing company an extremely large audience, greater than content in any other language. 

English dubbing can catapult your project’s success. Countless films and television shows have been tailored to wide new demographics and find new audiences internationally and for many projects, this has been the key to heightened profits and viewing numbers. Although, finding a high quality and reliable English dubbing company can be difficult. 

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Our team will review your project and put together a fair quote and timeframe that it will take to produce your amazing English Dubbing.

We will get to work producing the English dubbing services to perfectly rework your submitted project and tailor it to English speaking audiences.

Finally, we will reintroduce the audio into the project, now seamlessly catered to an English audience, mixed to perfection and delivered in any preferred audio format. 

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Discover Professional English Dubbing Services

Dark, one of Netflix’s unexpected hits is a German series where 90% of the viewers are from outside of Germany and most watch the show in English. The scale of Dark’s audience would not be so huge if it were not for their use of English dubbing, and this is proof of how localisation has changed the game in the era of streaming platforms. 

Quality is the key to this success. Only exceptional quality English dubbing has the potential to become popular worldwide. A bad dubbing job will pull your audience out of the content, with ill-timed lip-syncs and don’t fit with the visuals and phrase translations that don’t work in other languages – it’s no simple task. 

Why Voquent?

For incredible vocal performances, top-tier translation, and professional audio implementation in your content, Voquent’s service is unrivalled. We don’t simply work with English dubbing, but localisation in any language or accent worldwide.

Take your project to every corner of the globe today and reach for new international audiences like never before. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does English dubbing mean?

English dubbing is the process of re-recording content that was previously recorded in one language and creating another copy in English for English-speaking audiences. 

How to do an English dub?

The English dubbing process consists of four major steps: Translating the script into the English language, hiring English-speaking voice talent, recording the English dialogue, and syncing this dialogue to the original visual content seamlessly. 

What are the benefits of English dubbing?

As the most highly spoken language in the world, global outreach is the main benefit of English dubbing services. Dubbing generally also offers increased audience engagement and understanding over the use of subtitles. 

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