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Canadian French Dubbing Services - Voquent

Canadian French Dubbing Services

Our high-quality Canadian French dubbing services are available to help you grow.

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Voquent brings you incredibly talented speakers with genuine first-hand experience in the Canadian French language. A high-quality dub will grant viewers a stronger understanding of your message and better engagement in your project. Boost the global outreach of your content through exceptional Canadian French dubbing services. 

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About Canadian French Dubbing Services

Almost 35 million Canadians speak Canadian French as their first language and most of this population (over 85%) reside in Quebec. Exceptional French Canadian dubbing services are necessary when targeting this audience and Voquent will help make this process simple, so you can expand the viewership of your project with ease. 

Authentic talent increases relatability and the success of your message. Voquent specialises in bringing you genuine local voices, not mere impressions of native accents. The Canadian French-speaking audience knows when their vernacular has been impersonated and this is sure to leave a project falling flat. All our speakers are vetted and approved by the team so incredible audio and authentic voices can be assured.

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We will review your original project initially so we can provide a turnaround time and quote for the dubbing project. 

The genuine Canadian French speaker you have chosen will then use the brief to record a high-quality dub for your content. 

We also clean up any imperfections in the recording and perfectly sync the new audio with the original visuals. 

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Canadian French dubbing comes with a long list of benefits

Dubbing is the preferred option over subtitles. Netflix researchers discovered that although most people claim to prefer the original, dubbing is the more popular option on the platform. This is ultimately due to Canadian French dubbing being less hassle and more engaging for viewers than Canadian French subtitles, and this goes for dubbing in any language. 

Canadian French dubbing has even more benefits. The dubbing process requires script adaption for the new language, and this allows for content to be reworked so it adheres to local censorship laws. Hearing content in their native language is also more engaging for audiences and allows them to concentrate on the visuals rather than relying on subtitles to understand. 

Why Voquent?

High-quality audio is the key to Canadian French dubbing success. Only professional services such as Voquent’s will allow you to browse an extensive selection of exceptional speakers and listen to voice demos free of charge. You can even search within the specific parameters you know you want instantly, including vocal characteristics, tone, and gender to find the perfect fit. 

Voquent brings these benefits to your content with professional services and incredible speakers. Finding the perfect voice for your Canadian French dubbed content is easy with our filter system and whether it is for online explainer videos, narrative fiction or advertisement, the perfect voice is waiting to be found with Voquent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canadian French dubbing?

Canadian French dubbing is the recreation of content previously recorded in one language, then being re-recorded for French-speaking Canadians. The new Canadian French dubbed audio is then layered over the original visuals to boost the content’s outreach to a new audience. 

Is Canadian French dubbing understood in France?

French and Canadian French have subtle differences in pronunciation and vocabulary but are generally mutually understandable. French audiences will understand Canadian French dubbing in content hassle-free. 

What are the benefits of Canadian French dubbing?

Quality dubbing services will increase viewership and profits. Canadian French dubbing will allow your project to be understood by French-speaking Canadians, which is almost 25% of the Canadian population, as well as other French-speaking countries. It will also allow for censorship changes and increased audience engagement through hearing native voices.

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