March 2019 Site Upgrade: New Voice Actor Casting Functions Available

It’s been an exciting start for Voquent. Since the website launch at the back end of May 2018, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with thousands of creative customers, talented voice actors and localization experts from all over the planet. It has been an extraordinary privilege to deliver professional recording…

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Voquent unveils merger with

Voquent and ScottishVoiceOvers,com merger

Online voice over agencies Voquent & reach a deal, with both firms aligning their visions to offer world leading voice over casting and recording services at both a regional and international level. Voquent and are pleased to announce a merger, which will take effect in March 2019.…

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Casting Non-Binary Voice Actors

A Non-binary voice actor

Our society is ever-evolving in its perceptions and its viewpoints, and there has never been a more accepting time of areas once so misunderstood. We as a nation en masse, are so rightly opening-up to the education of sensitive subjects and recognising the need to inform ourselves more acutely in…

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Announcing – The Voquent Voice Acting Scholarship

Announcing The Voquent Voice Acting Scholarship

Let’s face it It’s hard enough to get a career as an actor, presenter or entertainer – let alone as a voice over artist or full-time voice actor. At Voquent, we recognise this and we want to provide any student, worldwide the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry…

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Why a promo in the Klingon language?

Klingon voice over

At Voquent, we have a deep love and appreciation for ALL languages! We knew that we were taking on a monumental task when we started offering translation and multilingual voice over services for every primary language in the world. We raised the bar even higher by expanding our recognition of over…

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Closed Facebook Group

Voquent Voices Facebook Group

We’ve created a closed Voquent Voices Facebook group and invite all registered voices to join! An international voice talent forum to share ideas, discuss issues and news. Click the link below to take part and join the conversation. Voquent Voices Facebook group · 2 members   Join Group   A…

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Voice Over Showreels for Twitter and Instagram posts

Voice showreels for twitter and instagram

We’re having fun turning voice over showreels into video – for use on Instagram and Twitter posts! It’s a fantastic way to reach a bigger audience and share your voice demos with your followers. Tweets with video generate 9 x more engagement than basic text updates. It’s definitely worth spending…

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Welcome to Voquent

International voice actors agency is live! It’s taken years of work and many months of development to realise our vision. We’re delighted to now open for voice actor sign-up. At Voquent, we’re passionate about voice over acting. Our vision is to level the playing field for voice actors and narrators. We provide…

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