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The Year in Review: 2020 by Voquent’s Top Female Voices

Al Black

Al Black

12 December 2020

The Year in Review: 2020 by Voquent’s Top Female Voices - Voquent

Can you think of a year with more uses of the word ‘unprecedented’ than 2020?

For Voquent, 2020 saw a surge in our growth as more customers sought online voice over solutions.

It’s thanks in no small part to the many talented voice actors we work with – some of which only equipped themselves with a home recording studio this year, during lockdown!

Below, we hear from some of the top voice actors we’ve worked with during 2020.



Nativity: English

“I spent the entire session screaming…”

Emily headshot behind microphone.









“Ahh, my favourite 2020 job is also the most intense job I have ever done!

I’ve just finished recording tons of ADR for an amazing new television series that’s coming out around Easter next year. I spent the entire session screaming, shouting, crying, wailing, and laughing maniacally. It was the most fun EVER! And it seems, I have a hidden talent for turning on the waterworks…

After I had finished one of my ‘sobbing with great sorrow’ performances, my co-actor turned to me and said, “My god Emily, that was convincing! How did you manage to turn that on and off so quickly?!” I didn’t tell him but the scene on the screen was so shocking and emotional that the tears were practically real!

An actor’s job is easy when the content is incredible, and I hope every day they call me back to do some more!”

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Nativity: Scottish

Amy headshot behind microphone









“My job highlights of 2020 was voicing some fun DLC for several characters on Playstation 4 game Age of Wonders: Planetfall with Triumph Studios.

With everything going on in the world last year it felt like a gift to be able to escape into the world of fantasy-adventure gaming for a while – from the comfort of my own home of course.”

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Nativity: German

Headshot of Margit










“My favourite voice-over project this year was for Chanel, for their Beyond the Jar series. The booking came on the 2nd of January, and I somehow knew it would be a great year professionally. For me, in terms of brands, it does not get any classier than Chanel.

As a teenager, I used to cut out Chanel magazine ads and stick them into my diary. To hear my voice in a film featuring the greatest top models of all time, Christy Turlington or Gisele Bundchen, was an absolute highlight for me this year.

I’m proud to say that Chanel liked it so much that they have booked me for even more projects since!”

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Nativity: American

Maria wearing headphones










“There were a lot of interesting projects – both advertising & industrial – this year as companies adjusted their marketing to account for work & lifestyle changes due to Covid-19.

I was very proud to voice a series of television, radio and pre-roll commercials for a major American food brand that celebrated being together as a family and finding fun things to do safely in your home.

The spots were bright and hopeful, and it was an honor to represent an iconic brand across the media ecosystem.”

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Nativity: English

Faye headshot










“My favourite voice over project in 2020 was for a kid’s slime product! Who does not want to talk about how to make slime – especially slime that glows in the dark!

It made a lovely change from the ‘drier’ explainer videos – although I didn’t actually get given any slime as part of my fee, which was very disappointing!”

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Nativity: American

Jessica headshot










“While not the highest-profile project of 2020 for me, the fundraising video I voiced for Dreamweaver Foundation would have to be my favourite project of 2020.

Dreamweaver Foundation grants lifelong wishes to senior citizens. Typically, they raise funds in person, but these are not typical times! Dreamweaver sent the video to their donors to raise funds for seniors to get Facebook portals so that they could more easily be part of their family’s events, recitals, dinners, and everyday moments.

It is such a reflection of what is happening in our world right now, and I felt like my contribution was to shine a light on the challenges of isolation and loneliness seniors are experiencing.”

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Nativity: French

Claudia headshot










“In 2018 I was approached by a naturalist/photographer. He takes pictures of animals in the wild, in the mountains. He had asked me to voice his scripts to give life to the photos, but unfortunately, my workload didn’t permit.

Luckily he came back to me at the beginning of 2020 and sent me two different projects – the way he writes his scripts, the beauty of the photos, the music are all perfect and the results are just breathtaking and inspiring! I cannot wait to receive his next script!

They are low budget, but tremendously satisfying!”

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Nativity: Irish

Remie headshot










“One of the things I love about being a voiceover artist is the many ways I get to learn about weird, wonderful, and niche subjects through the projects I do. This year I got to dive deep into the world of marine conservation by narrating a nature documentary about Thresher sharks. I love performing documentary-style narration and would love to have the opportunity to do more of it. I also became an AI voice for a global corporation, which gave me an insight into a different recording process. It is also very cool to be able to interact with my own voice through technology! There really is no limit to what you can find yourself voicing in this industry.” Remie also voiced this CX-30 commercial for Mazda:

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Nativity: Scottish

“I think I’m a kids presenter at heart…”

Kelsey headshot










“Hands down my favourite project of 2020 has been working on educational videos which will be used in schools & online throughout the UK.

I think I’m a kids presenter at heart so it came quite easily to me and it was cool to top up my own knowledge on some of the subjects too! It’s also extra special as I know my niece and nephew will get to learn from me indirectly through my voice!”

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Nativity: Canadian

Christine headshot










“My favourite project this year has been to voice the HelloFresh Canada TV Campaign.

It brought together creatives from the UK, Canada, and the US in all different time zones for the recording via Source Connect and it was a joy to work on!”

Christine also voiced the GCCR – Loss of Smell and Covid-19 explainer from PWPvideo on Vimeo.

Visit Christine’s profile >



Nativity: Kuwaiti

“It felt like I was doing a patriotic mission.”

Hala headshot










“Despite the pandemic and the lockdowns that we have all gone through this year, I’ve done some good projects and I have worked with people from Dubai, Saudi, London, and Jordan.

My favourite voiceover project for this year was about the pandemic and the curfew that we had to abide by. In my country, Jordan, they followed a great strategy to control the spread of the coronavirus. I was proud to be chosen by our royal court to do the job because they picked my voice from many other candidates. It felt like I was doing a patriotic mission.

I am looking forward to a more abundant 2021 and to more creative projects to do during the coming year, especially with Voquent. I wish everyone prosperity and a beautiful New Year full of happiness, and bliss.”

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Nativity: Polish

Aneta headshot










“At the start of 2020, I was invited to narrate an audiobook project. Each audiobook was to be read by not one, but by several professional voiceover artists.

I was asked to record two chapters of Anne of Green Gables and a few more chapters of two other books. I really enjoyed working on this project.”

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Nativity: Mexican

Maclovia headshot wearing headphones










“2020 for me was not only about the pandemic – it was a year full of new knowledge and opportunities!

I’d been trying to move to the countryside for a love of nature but my Mexican clients were not so sure about sending the work to my remote home recording studio. Suddenly it has become a new way to work!

We must trust each other and get used to this new global way of working. I continue to get lots of work from my agents, my direct clients and new international partners like Voquent.”

Visit Maclovia’s profile >


Nativity: English

Elsie headshot



“The best thing I have voiced recently was an online animation called Meta Runner, where I play a villainous character called Evelyn. This was super fun to record!

I also voice the main playable character, Jennifer, in the horror video game Remothered: Broken Porcelain. Voice acting in a horror game, especially as the protagonist, was one of my voice over dreams come true!”

Visit Elsie’s profile >



“Is that really you!?”

Nativity: Egyptian

Heba headshot










“During the final months of this year, I voiced an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) for one of the top airlines and tourism companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Saudia.

I love IVR projects and I feel that I am able to distinguish myself in a competitive industry. For this project, I had to voice the prompts in both Arabic and English, and it was all done within 24 hours!

What really delighted me was when my Dad called me to say “I was booking a plane ticket online today and I heard a voice that sounded like you. Is it really you!?”

Visit Heba’s profile >



Nativity: Kenyan

Jennifer headshot










“2020 introduced me to the world of video games and short audio stories, many of which were penned by West African authors.

Stories I voiced included: tales of mythical beings; a cute children’s story (I was the voice of a gentle mother elephant); rhyming the adventures of a budding baby astronaut; and telling the story of a great woman of Kenya – Wangari Maathai. Whom went up against corrupt politicians and suffered beatings and jail time, in her quest to restore the rapidly decreasing tree cover she had enjoyed in her childhood.

My favourite project though, because of the challenge, would be voicing a sardonic healer of ancient Rome in an intriguing video game. The excellent direction I received gave me a whole new, unexpected perspective of VO – a wonderful gift!”

Visit Jennifer’s profile >


Nativity: Australian 

Cecelia headshot










“It’s always hard to choose one job you enjoyed most. It’s like choosing your favourite child!

If forced to pick one, I would say that the chance to create characters in an animation destined to be shown in Planetariums around the world and recorded from my home studio was a real Buzz!”

Cecelia also narrated this amazing tour of Celebrity Solstice:

Visit Cecelia’s profile >


And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed reading what some of the talented voice actors on Voquent have been working on during 2020. There are some very special and talented voices on Voquent and we don’t ever take it for granted. Thank you all for your continued support and we hope to see you in 2021!


Top Voice Actors 2020

Al Black

By Al Black

Al has over twenty years of experience in audiovisual translations. A Voquent co-founder, he has produced tens of thousands of voice-overs and translations for education, advertising and entertainment projects.

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