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A Beginner’s Guide for the Audio Treatment of a Home Studio

Helen Birk

Helen Birk

26 January 2022

A Beginner’s Guide for the Audio Treatment of a Home Studio - Voquent

Music, voice acting, and other forms of creative audio are some of the most common and powerful ways for people to express themselves and this has a place in every culture.

It inspires and opens the door to creativity, brings people together, excites audiences, and can sell important messages. The power of audio lies in many different forms, from simple satisfaction to experimental artistry.

The emotions we feel through sound is a universal language. The unrestricted freedom and limitless space for exploration are probably the biggest reasons why young people love and need creative audio so much.


Audio studios for perfect sound

Creative people feel a need to make music or portray characters through voice-over which is what diverges audio producers and voice actors and their craft from the rest of the world. Because of that insatiable urge to create, most of them build or buy studios to take their craft into their own homes and their own hands.

Audio recording has a long history and was once a complicated process. Nowadays, it’s possible to build a home recording studio with limited resources, creating audio content at a professional level in the comfort of your bedroom. The audio treatment of a home studio has changed along with the ways musicians produce beats and voice actors record dialogue or narration to become more affordable and accessible.


Equipment for audio treatment

Most rooms have poor acoustics so almost every studio needs audio treatment. Unlike soundproofing which should prevent the sound from going in or out of the studio, the purpose of the audio treatment is to create acoustic absorption and avoid reflected or distorted sound. Professionals working in the audio field want to produce a direct sound that remains clean and unaltered.

Audio treatment should combine three elements: bass traps, acoustic panels, and diffusers.

Big or small, every studio needs bass traps because they absorb low-frequency sounds. To achieve this, studio’s need porous and resonant absorbers. Porous absorbers are usually foam or some other dense material because they are efficient in preventing bass frequency sound reflection. The purpose of the resonant absorbers is to cancel-out specific low frequencies.

Acoustic panels absorb mid-to-high sound frequencies and can be both built and purchased. Since building these would require some complex skills and tools, most beginners will choose to buy them. Since the basic material for bass traps and acoustic panels is acoustic foam, it’s important to carefully determine the value of the four basic features: noise reduction coefficient rating, surface pattern, dimensions, and thickness. Many singers and voice actors also use vocal reflection filters, as a type of acoustic panel. They absorb the vocal sound reflection before it starts bouncing around the room.

According to some experts, diffusers are not necessary at all, especially in the case of small studios. Because their purpose is to control the reflection of sound in larger spaces. Those who beg to differ can easily purchase them, as well as the 3 in 1 solution, also known as a room package, with all three audio treatments included.




Use online services

Creating a home studio with bought or homemade acoustic treatment is so easy that the only thing you’re missing now is equipment. Read some of Voquent’s helpful guides on how to handle this part of setting up your home studio such as the best headphones to buy or which microphone is best for voice-over. Here you will also discover that there is studio-quality equipment for a student’s budget.

To create time for audio creation, another extremely desired aspect of a student’s life, you can use online services for writing essays, dissertations, and other college papers to receive high-quality assistance from professional writers. This is a convenient and less expensive way to test the strength of your skills, ideas, and creative talent.

It’s never too early or too late to start a music or voice-over career. Equipment is essential for the home studio, but while spending money on it, it’s good to remember that “knowledge is more important than equipment”. For this reason, many artists and producers think that every studio should go through the 4 stages of evolution: bedroom studio, dedicated room, semi-pro, and professional studio.

Enthusiasts and beginners alike who want to start their home studio building journey should not give up if the first acoustic setup doesn’t work. It can be a trial-and-error process of learning about the ways sound behaves in a particular environment. Test possible solutions until the most suitable are found.


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Helen Birk

By Helen Birk

Helen Birk is a multitalented professional who mostly loves to work in the digital marketing field. She is expert in social media, paid ads marketing, copywriting and even takes up freelance academic assignments from college students in case they need writing assistance. Her hobbies include candle making, biking and bird watching.

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