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Australian Video Production: Interview with Dream Engine's Ryan Spanger

By Michael Sum | 9th November 2021

Incredible video production is a necessity in an age of modern rich media marketing. 

From the biggest corporate goliath to the smallest startup company, video marketing has never been more relevant. So before you jump into your latest video project (hopefully complete with voice-over wink-wink) - You might want to hear from an expert. 

Ryan Spanger, from Dream Engine, works in Australia and is with us today to answer some questions regarding this ever-evolving industry. 

Q: Hi Ryan, it's great that you are taking the time to chat with us. So to start off, Can you tell me what Dream Engine is and what you do?

Dream Engine is a video production company based in Melbourne, Australia. The company works with medium to large corporates, government departments and universities. We produce a range of videos, from events to web, training and commercials.

Q: You have been in the business since 2002; that's over 19 years; how do you feel things have changed in video production across the years you have been active?

Although the principles of filmmaking have remained the same, the style and approach have evolved quite substantially. In the early days, businesses tended to want one all-purpose video. We now often produce a range of short videos focusing on different aspects of the business. This helps to make the communication more customised and targeted. And suits the content-hungry demands of social media.

Q: How has Dream Engine had to change to match the changing industry?

Over the years, there has been a demand in the industry to make budgets stretch further. Crews have needed to become more nimble. It has also become more common to offer a hybrid video and photography service. Another trend is for businesses to have their in-house video department and to partner with external providers.

Q: What do you see to be the next big change on the horizon?

The biggest current trend, set off by covid restrictions, is Remote Video Production using webcams. We have produced many of these sorts of videos since the advent of Covid. Our clients have needed to keep producing content. Where it has not been possible to send a camera crew, Remote Video Production has provided an elegant solution. Even after Covid restrictions pass, this style of video will remain popular because of the convenience and value that it offers.

Q: Video content is your bread and butter; what are your most popular type of video services?

The video services that we offer that are the most popular are case study videos, product promotion videos, and animation videos.

Q: Do you often use voice-over in your projects? In what ways? 

Our videos often feature voice-overs. For instance, a case study video may feature a short voice-over introduction to set the context. Or an animation video will be driven by voice-over.

Q: Which project are you most proud of?

We recently produced a series of TV commercials and social media commercials for Epson printers. They looked great and got a good response.

Q: To close, some less serious questions: What purchase have you made recently, for less than £150, could you just not live without?

I recently bought a set of Jabra 85T noise cancelling earbuds. They offer great quality sound, are comfortable, and the noise-cancelling aspect works well.

Q: As a film producer, what movie or video should every filmmaker watch? 

Every filmmaker should watch the films of PT Anderson. In particular, Magnolia and There Will be Blood. He is one of the great directors of our time, and I have lost count of how many times I have watched his films.

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Michael Sum

Michael Sum

Marketing Specialist and resident Content Monkey at Voquent. Michael has a lifelong passion for gaming media and bases his personality on whatever anime he is currently watching.

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Michael Sum

Michael Sum

Marketing Specialist and resident Content Monkey at Voquent. Michael has a lifelong passion for gaming media and bases his personality on whatever anime he is currently watching.