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August 2019 – Voice Sample Upgrades

August 30, 2019

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August 2019 – Voice Sample Upgrades

Here at Voquent.com we’re not just another casting platform, rinsing voices for the opportunity to audition for jobs.

We’re superfans of voice acting and we’re passionate about reducing auditioning time for talent by making it easy for creatives to listen to, and shortlist voices that match the voice in their head.

I know what you’re thinking; every casting site purports that same thing, but they’re wrong.

You’ll find their search doesn’t work as described. Most voice over casting sites use an unmoderated tagging system and because most allow showreels. Users can label their audio as anything. This frequently gives results that are not as expected or at worst utterly useless.

This is why most customers resort to using job posting boards and why many voices now report to auditioning for 75+ job posts to win one job.

That’s a helluva lot of unpaid work.

Voquent already offers the world’s most powerful voice over search but our mission is to keep improving and provide our partners with unparalleled casting tools.

With this in mind, and after extensive research we’ve now added additional categories including:

  • comedy genres for comedic reads
  • industry sectors for promos and b2b videos
  • alignments for characters
  • literature types for narration
  • and genres for singing

We’ve also added 300+ characteristic keywords so voice actors can choose 3 keywords to describe the performance, vocal texture or feeling of each sample.

The new features make casting for distinct and specific styles of voice over, narration, or characters easier than ever and because each sample goes through a strict moderation process; creatives can rely on high quality search results that sound like their descriptions. For busy creatives this is a dream come true. They don’t have to listen to loads of irrelevant showreels and they don’t have to post a job and plod through dozens of auditions.  They can find the perfect professional voice over by listening to approved pre-recorded audio samples.

A win for everyone involved.

If you’re a voice actor and haven’t signed up to Voquent.com yet, now is an amazing time to get started. More creatives flock to the platform each day and it’s completely free for professional voice actors to join the party. Take a look at what other voices are saying about us on Google.

Remember, if you’ve already uploaded samples you can easily delete and re-upload samples with the newly added characteristics and tags. You can also change the picture of each sample to be representative of the character you are voicing, like Elsie has done here:

Elsie sample pic

Fill out your profile with 30 distinct samples in a range of styles and tones and you’ll be 697% more visible than the average voice talent.

So, what are you waiting for?

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