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9 Easy Ways to Link to Voquent.com

May 22, 2018

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9 Easy Ways to Link to Voquent.com

Here are 9 easy ways to link to your Voquent.com profile from your social media profile or personal website.


1. About.me website link

Backlink to Voquent with About.me website

We know many voice actors have a .me domain. The pro package is good value for those who don’t have the time or inclination to manage a website.

To add a link from your .me website, just edit your bio to say ‘I’m a voice actor at Voquent.com’ or similar. Highlight it and then it will ask you for the URL. Copy the Voquent homepage link – https://www.voquent.com or use your Voquent page and save.



2. A link from your personal website or blog

If you have your own website or blog, the easiest thing to do is mention Voquent on a blog post or page with a link to your Voquent profile page or the Voquent homepage.

Telling visitors you’re a Voquent approved voice actor will hopefully give you some kudos too! If you want something that looks more professional than a text link, you can freely use our logo images.

Here are a few images to choose from:

Voquent logo small with black background   Voquent logo white background

Voquent logo small with white background   Vquent logo black background


Or download SVG icons here.


3. A Facebook profile

The Voquent facebook page is a good place to interact with fellow voice actors and to share tips and experiences.

To link to us from your personal profile. All you have to do is edit your profile information.

How to add a website to Facebook profile

  1. click your name in the top right corner of your Facebook page to view your Timeline
  2. click About under your profile picture to enter editing mode
  3. click the “Edit” button in the Contact and basic info section
  4. in websites and social links section, click edit and +add another website
  5. type the URL:  https://www.voquent.com in the Website text box
  6. save changes.
  7. done!


4. A Twitter profile

If you don’t have a website or facebook page you can easily add a website to your twitter profile.

  1. click Edit profile on the right side of the screen
  2. on the left side, under the logo and username you’ll see a ‘Website’ field
  3. type in the website URL:  https://www.voquent.com
  4. click Save changes on the right
  5. done!

5. A SoundCloud profile

It’s really easy to link to us from SoundCloud.

  1. log into your profile
  2. click Edit underneath the banner on the right side
  3. in the Your Links section click Add link
  4. paste the URL:  https://www.voquent.com into one of the fields
  5. describe it e.g. ‘Voquent’
  6. click Save changes button at bottom
  7. done!

Add a website to SoundCloud profile


6. An Instagram profile

We regularly post updates on Instagram, please follow us and we’ll follow you back to share the love!

Adding the Voquent website link to your Instagram profile is easy.

  1. go to your profile by tapping your image
  2. tap Edit Profile at the top of the screen
  3. in the website field add the URL:  https://www.voquent.com 
  4. add a few relevant hashtags to your bio while your at it e.g. #voiceactor #voiceovertalent #voiceartist #voiceover
  5. click the tick icon at the top to save
  6. done!

7. A LinkedIn profile

The Voquent LinkedIn company page  is a good place to follow us for news related to the voice over industry. Your LinkedIn profile also provides a simple way to link back to us.

Checkout LinkedIn’s own guide here: https://bit.ly/1YDoCLx 

8. Using Google+

If you use Google+ first log in to your account.

  1. head to the About me section to edit what others can see about you
  2. click the + icon at the bottom of the page
  3. click Sites
  4. add the site title Voquent and site URL https://www.voquent.com 
  5. click Ok and it saves automatically
  6. done!

9. Using your YouTube channel

Everyone loves YouTube and to create a link directly from your YouTube channel, first log in.

  1. click the channel icon top right
  2. select My Channel from the dropdown
  3. click About
  4. click Customize channel
  5. in the links section click the edit icon
  6. click Add at the bottom
  7. add the site title Voquent and site URL https://www.voquent.com
  8. click Done

Adding a website to YouTube channel banner


And there you have it.

9 easy ways to link to your Voquent profile!

Also remember to follow us on social media and like our content. We’ll reciprocate and spread the love!